Investment Strategy

Sigma Group is a growth-oriented business with interests that cross industry sectors. We are flexible in our approach to new investments, depending on the opportunity. We will partner with existing businesses where it makes sense and where our expertise can add value to that of the existing management team, or we will work with entrepreneurs to build businesses from the bottom up when we believe in the vision and think our resources can make a difference in the business future success.

When evaluating new opportunities, the characteristics we look for are:


A committed management team

  • Deep industry experience
  • Passion for the business
  • Strong corporate culture
  • Shared stake in success

Solid industry fundamentals

  • Sensitivity to economic cycles
  • Stage in industry life cycle and continued opportunities for growth
  • Barriers to entry
  • Attractive returns on invested capital

A sustainable competitive advantage

  • Strong brand
  • Industry leader or strong position in fragmented industry
  • Clear and sustainable competitive differentiation

Good revenue and cash flow potential

  • Sound business model
  • Stable and growing cash flows
  • Robust operating margins
  • Opportunities for continued organic growth and value creation